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Inflatable Kayak

Inflatable kayaks have many benefits over traditional plastic or hard-shell kayaks. 

The ability to fold down into a backpack-sized bag, and their light weight, makes inflatable kayaks an excellent choice for hikers, campers, RV-ers, backpackers, fishers, and/or anyone who loves versatility and ease of transport. When you're out enjoying mother nature, you never know when or where you'll find that perfect place to hop in the water - these are truly for the adventure-seeker on the go! 

Our range of Drop-Stitch inflatable kayaks are faster, stiffer, and stronger than any traditional air kayak. We offer wider variety in terms of one person kayaks, fishing kayaks, tandem kayaks and much more.

Don't be caught up a creek without a paddle! We have an amazing array of kayak paddles for all types of paddlers!