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Stonker 9'3" Wave Performance SUP Board

Stonker Torquay

Wave Performance Stand Up Paddle Board by Stonker.

9' 2 3⁄8" by 30 1⁄2" by 4 3⁄8" 135 litres

Price includes padded bag, paddle (carbon - fixed or adjustable) fins, leg rope, deck grip and rail tape.

9'3" Package Value at $2,279.00. Get it for $1,899.00

1. A smaller person, under about 60kg for learning on, with a view to surfing waves.

2. A bigger person, up to about 95kg, who is an experienced SUP surfer looking for a high performance surf SUP board

Beginner paddlers: select a board that displaces at least twice as much water as your body weight (in kilograms). This size will offer good stability, will paddle faster, and will allow you to catch even the smallest of waves.

Experienced paddlers: you may prefer a board that displaces less water than twice your body weight. You may be happy to trade reduced stability for improved maneuverability and transportability.

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